Bike Storage Bag

Storage bags for your bike can be an essential bit of kit if you're regularly travelling with your bike, or if you just need a little extra peace of mind when storing your bike in the shed during the winter months.

Whatever the reason is that you need a bike storage bag we're here to explain what you should look for when making a choice, and we will also recommend a couple of our favorite bag choices (and why).

But first it's important to know, what makes a good bike storage bag so we've summed it up in 3 points:

  1. Durability: particularly if you're intending on throwing it in the back of your car or RV on a regular basis, you don't want a flimsy bag that will easily tear or rip.
  2. Weatherproof: if you intend to keep your bike outside in your storage bag even temporarily then you need to make sure its rain, wind and sun proof (plus whatever local weather you might expect!).
  3. Utility: Over and above everything else, the bag must do it's intended job, and do it well. Furthermore when it's not doing it' job, it should fold up neatly and not take up lots of space.

Bicycle Storage Bags that we Recommend:

Pro Bike Cover for Outdoor Bicycle Storage



Pretty much the market leader for quality, you'll be hard pushed to find a more durable option



If we're being totally honest, it's an absolute steal


Our Rating

Buy it, buy it now!

If you hadn't guessed already, we're quite a fan of this particular cover from Pro Bike Tool. For a cover it not only looks pretty cool, but performs very well.

It can fit up to 2 bikes and is pretty much everything proof, when it comes to weather. When it's not needed it folds up nice and neatly. 

Don't believe us just how good this bike cover is? Check out the Amazon reviews by clicking through below and you'll learn, pretty much everyone who buys this bag is totally satisfied with their purchase. 


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    All weather
  • check
    Great quality
  • check
    Folds neatly away


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    We're struggling with Cons
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    No invisibility cloak?